Advantage of structure design for Krombeplast profile


1.      All Krombeplast profile designs are based on multicavity structures. These include a separated drainage cavity and a separated reinforcement cavity. With these two separate cavities, any steel reinforcement will be totally isolated from the water drainage. The risk of corrosion is drastically reduced, and the service life of steel reinforcement member accordingly increased.


2.      The water drainage channel is staggered between the inside and outside channels. This prevents either wind or dust from entering through the channels, which allows any water to drain efficiently even when there is a high wind pressure


3.      There is a large cavity of mutually compatible profiles. Together, these constitute then different series of  Krombeplast profiles. The series are designed to cope with a cavity of wind pressures an to suit individual users´ personal design prefers.


4.      Krombeplast profile incorporates the European style of guiding through for assembly of the hardware. With the design, it is a simple process to install European standard hardware.


5.      The hardware is fixed to the profile with screw through at least two layers of the inside profile wall. This gives good reliability in use.


6.      Between the horizontal sliding window frame and the sash, there are two sealing strips, inside and outside, with special structures and material. These lead to very good features of water tightness and air tightness.


7.      The trough depth for installing the glass is more than 20mm, so as to allow the glass to be firmly mounted.


8.       After installation, a design feature of the windows is that the profile and rubber strip are at the same level. This gives an attractive appearance and high lighting performance.


9.      By choosing the relevant design of bead, Krombeplast profile can offer many glazing options, from single to double and triple* glazed systems (*Available only for European market).


10.  By using separate sealing gasket, installation of the glass is very convenient, while at the same time, water drainage and adjustment of the glass are very effective.


11.  A special design feature of all series of Krombeplast doors and windows is that the rubber gasket is located internally. This gives a high security design, which allows the glass to be changed very simply.


12.  The top and the bottom joints for the sliding sashes are sealed by a special bridge structure.


13.  The surface joint of two sashes of the sliding window is sealed by a special two track structures.


14.  The track of the sliding window frame uses an enchased aluminium alloy structure with a line contact to reduce the frictional force. The component can be easily changed if it is wore out.


15.  by selection of the hardwares, windows can be locked in different ways, to meet the different users´ secure requirement